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Release Time: 2021-11-12
Home > News > SIFANG PMU Certified By IEEE

In October 2021, Sifang's CSD-361 synchronous phasor Measuring device (PMU) was certified by IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP) and received a certificate from IEEE Standards Committee (SA).

PMU IEEE certification is based on IEEE synchronous phasor measurement standard certification, which is recognized by utilities in the worldwide. The CSD-361 PMU was tested in accordance with ICAP policies by the ICAP authorized test laboratory in accordance with the IEEE Test Suite Specification. The certification ensures the realization of the key functions and the safety, reliability and measurability of the performance. SIFANG is authorized to use the IEEE certified Synchrophasor logo, and this PMU is listed on the IEEE certified products registry.

The PMU is applied in the areas of both conventional and renewable generation plants, transmission and distribution, collecting the real-time data of power system and transmitting the data to phasor data concentrator. By using the technology of wide area measurement system (WAMS) to monitor and control the operation of power grid, the precision control of large-scale power system is realized, and the ability of monitoring and reliability of power grid operation is improved. Since SIFANG implemented the first wide area protection (WAMS) project in China in 2007, thousands of SIFANG PMU products have been widely used in the power system and occupied a leading market share in China.

The ICAP certified SIFANG PMU complies with all applicable requirements in accordance with both IEEE C37.118.1A ™-2014 and IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1-2018 stands, and will serve overseas customers in future.